You are always enough

Everyone strives for happiness, no one longs to be miserable, but strangely all expectations are lost when you’re sad and you see situations for what they are. You speak more honestly, and you stop being so afraid because in moments of your deepest sadness you feel as though you have nothing to loose. You go through life without fear of failure or loss because how can you fear something when there’s no hope to succeed or gain.

I admit that it all sounds a little morbid and sad but I really believe that from all of that negative there are positives we can take from the sadness we feel when depressed and anxious.

As people living in society today there is a constant need to be better, to be brighter, to be slimmer, to be prettier, to earn more to own more, it’s a never ending list of things we feel we must achieve. That continuous feeling of never being enough!!

We must always be striving for more for bigger for better.

If we could just be happy with the life we have and not constantly be compared or compare ourselves to others then I know that would make for a much less stressful and happier life.

This is why I believe that once you have experienced anxiety and or depression and suddenly the simple things in life become a struggle you realise how menial and insignificant all those other “worries” are. Now all that matters is that you are able to complete what is expected in a day to day life as an adult, for example taking your children to school, rising above the lows and actually continuing with your day despite everything in your head telling you to give up and go back to bed.

Before my anxiety and depression I would constantly compare myself longing to do better or wish I was more than what I was, now all I hope for is happiness and the happiness of those around me, I am not so quick to judge others as I know what its like to carry the weight of mental health on my shoulders everyday. 

When you finally reach rock bottom the only way is up and that is a great new perspective to have. What I am trying to say is that anxiety, depression and any other type of mental health should not be perceived as a weakness because it takes a lot of strength to come through the other side, and when you realise that you really start to separate what’s important in life and what are unnecessary expectations that we simply put on to ourselves.

You are always enough and as long as you know that and remember it, you will forever have the answers to your own happiness.

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