Thing’s are not always as they seem… this is not new information. I think we are all aware of the smoke and mirrors that are sometimes used. Hiding behind a mask, pretending to be okay or pretending to be someone we are not just to please the audience.

We are judged for the way we look, what we wear, what we say or don’t say, what we do or don’t do. You can be the most confident person in room full of people and yet still feel out of place, intimidated, alone.

Confidence and a smile can hide so much, a lie, insecurities, fear, anxiety, depression. How well do we really know a person and how do we know if the people we think we know are really who they say they are? You only see what a person wants you to see.

Is it only when someone reaches their highest reaches or falls to their darkest depths that you eventually get to know the real them? Is it only then that the smokes clears and the person in the mirror can truly be seen?

Smoke and mirrors is sometimes used for protection, protecting a person’s energy, protection from more pain, hurt and rejection. We never really know what will happen if we allow ourselves to be open to inviting new people into our circle, so its a safety measure that does what it says on the tin, it keeps us safe…or does it?

Surely it can only be a temporary measure if being used for protection, at some point the pretending will get too much and the truth will come out? How long can a person keep up an act before they break? Never intending or trying to be deceitful or hurt anyone, but pretending is still a lie…one day the truth may set them free, but result in losing the ones closest too them, or maybe simply reaffirming a wonderful friendship.

Surely it’s better to be our authentic selves, open and honest from the start, in order to attract and invite in only the people who are truly meant to join us on our journey, as apposed to bringing along those who don’t and will inevitably get lost along the way?

How do we know what’s right from wrong? Broken and lost doesn’t always want to be fixed and found, so isn’t it better to feel broken and lost surrounded by people that keep you from feeling alone? Or does the pretending make you feel more alone, because the people you surround yourself with have no idea of your pain or the person you really are?

What do you think?


Be Kind 


Share a smiled not a judgement


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