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Isolation update.

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We currently find ourselves in somewhat uncertain and rather unsettling times. When lockdown was initially enforced and Corona Virus was officially classified as a world pandemic, I like many others found it to be an all new trigger for Anxiety and a large contribution to low mood and Depression. I began allowing all the information from the daily news updates to consume my every thought. I was left feeling sad, lazy and unwilling to contribute or adjust to a new routine of daily life in quarantine.

After a few too many weeks I finally decided that I needed to find that new routine, it was not only important for my girls but also for myself as I could feel my mental health start to slip. Don’t get me wrong the routine still isn’t perfect, but my state of mind and has definitely begun to improve since it was implemented. I made the decision to no longer plan my day around the daily news updates, to only allow myself to consume information that was essential to my family and I. In doing this it has helped me to really appreciate the time that I am able to share with my them. making sure to Focus my mind on the positives and look to the future when we eventually come through this and out the other side. This new state of mind and perspective is what has been the driving force behind my upcoming blog’s.  It has given me the confidence to try new things that I possibly never would, had it not been for quarantine.

A new idea!

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Some time has passed since my last post but I found that for a short time, whilst adjusting to our new normal, I felt a little uninspired and struggled to find the motivation to sit down and write, but now I have been inspired to change it up a little bit, and have come up with an idea to create a new little blog series.

The blog series is going to be titled “Isolation made me do it!”

What is it? How will it work?

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Every Tuesday in the month of June I will be posting a blog sharing with you a little insight and behind the scenes of what Isolation has inspired me to do, some of which I still can’t quite believe myself!

Since settling into the quarantine life, I seem to have gained confidence in doing things that perhaps I never would before. It’s quite amazing the things you will do when you don’t have to go anywhere or see anyone!

Why I have chosen to blog about it?

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

The reason for why I have chosen to share with you the tales of my isolation incidents is because, I am hoping to help bring a little happiness and joy to others. A lot of what we read, see or watch is focused on the events of the world and the terrible times that we are living through. Of course it is important for us to be aware, but sometimes it’s nice to read something a little more upbeat, to help us to look for the positives in a negative situation, even if those positives are just glimmers of light or passing moments, they provide us with an escape, an instant to loose ourselves and find our happy place again. Fingers crossed my little blog series will help you to do this!

I would love for you to join me on this upcoming journey, and please let me know how you are managing during this surreal time?

Question of the week.

Has isolation spurred you on try something new?

Stay safe, be kind and keep smiling. 💚❤️

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