The Reason Behind the Blogs

I wanted blog #3 to give you a little more in site into why I wanted to create a blog in the first place, and also share a little of my experience with mental health.

Ultimately my goal is to bring more awareness but also support to people with any type of mental health issue. It can be so isolating and lonely that I feel it’s important that we create a support network for all. I still feel that all though over recent years it is spoken about a lot more, it is still a subject that people are afraid to bring up and talk about. If I am completely honest before my Anxiety and depression I was probably doing exactly that, never really spoke about it and didn’t really understand the impact it has on peoples lives and also the courage and strength it takes to push through and keep going. Anxiety and Depression are what I struggle with, Anxiety being the one that has really had the most impact on my life.

Sometimes we feel worry and nerevs, like on your first day in a new job……… completely normal and rational, for me Anxiety is not just the feeling of nerves or butterfly’s in your belly, it’s an overwhelming feeling of fear, impending doom and sickness that rises in your stomach, it’s awful and exhausting. The level of intensity gets higher and higher with every minute that passes, to the point where the only solution is to just get out!!!

We are all supposed to feel nerves and a little anxious at times that’s life, you are aware of it but it doesn’t stop or control you, the Anxiety that I and many other’s have takes complete control and consumes you. In a nut shell It has basically taken the life and freedom I had before and thrown it away. Now what I have been left with is Anxiety, every day, towards everything, anything I do whether it be something as simple as the school run, Anxiety is always what comes first.

What we all need is the support of good, honest and kind people around us, if for nothing else just an ear, talking and communicating your feelings or even just having a little chat is one of the best things you can do. I have been so lucky and blessed to have people around me to do that, but there where times when I didn’t and I began writing my feelings down, just allowing myself to express exactly how I felt and it really helped me through some tough moments.

I want my blog to bring support and reassurance and for people to feel they have somewhere they can go, no one should ever feel they are alone in their fight against mental health.

Let’s all stand together and be each others support.



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