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I am so excited to be sharing with you the news of a new mini-series, I am a little more excited than usual as it is focused on a subject, I am extremely passionate about, based on my own personal experience with it.

The topic for this Mini-series will be Curative Hypnotherapy, how I stumbled across it and an insight into what it is and how it works.

I have always spoken very highly of Curative Hypnotherapy but only ever spoken very briefly about it in my blogs, purely for the reasons of not wanting to get the facts wrong or not having enough accurate knowledge to be able to explain it correctly. I know it works because I am the proof, but trying to explain it should be left to the person behind the therapy.

Which leads me on to my next announcement, I am so excited to say that the man that changed my life with Curative Hypnotherapy Mr Keith Gullis has kindly teamed up with me to help write this mini-series, giving you the facts about what he does and the science behind it.

It’s important for me to say that none of these posts are AD’s, nobody is being paid to say or write these posts.  All Therapy sessions I attended were paid for by me and the discussion of writing these blogs together was had several months after my therapy sessions had finished. 

Keith isn’t someone I knew previous to my Therapy and was found by my husband who was desperately trying to find more help for his wife who was in a very dark place, through alternative therapies, this was done organically by the wonder that is the internet.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Keith and I have decided to come together to write these blogs, because we both wish to spread the same message of hope and the reassurance that there’s always a way back even from the darkest of times.

Episode 1 of the new mini-series will be available next Tuesday at 4pm (BST)

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Thank you again for your continued support.

Q. Is Curative Hypnotherapy something you have ever considered trying just in general or when dealing with any type of illness or addiction?

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