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Disclaimer; This is not and AD or paid post, all opinions are my own and all the the products mentioned in this post are products I use everyday and paid for myself.

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If you read lasts weeks post you will be aware that I am a huge lover of make-up.  I have been wearing make-up since the age of 11 or 12,  but back then It was all just about following the crowd and wanting to feel like I was fitting in, I didn’t really take notice of the quality of the make-up nor was I too bothered about skin prep or even skin care.

20 odd Years later and it’s all changed.

Why I wear make-up

Photo by AZGAN MjESHTRI on Unsplash
  • I have worn makeup for so long now that I don’t really feel like myself without it.
  • Refusing to apply and remove makeup properly when I was younger, I believe has left my skin not looking to great, which leaves me feeling self-conscious and like I need to cover it up.
  • I just love make-up.
  • I love testing and trying out new products.
  • I love how it makes me feel when I wear it.
  • It helps gives me the confidence I lack.
  • It’s another creative outlet.

I’m always testing and trying out new products, and really try to find the products that work best and are as kind to my skin as possible.  

So, Let’s get in to the post and take a look at my top 3 Products at the moment….

IT Cosmetics your skin but better CC+ Cream

I love how full coverage this CC Cream is and how flawless it leaves my skin, without feeling heavy like other full coverage foundations sometimes do. The other benefits to using this CC Cream is that it also doubles up as a moisturizer, anti-aging serum, concealer, foundation and a sun cream with an impressive SPF 50.

This CC cream is just perfect if you are looking to reduce the number of products you use on your face or if you’re simply looking to travel a little lighter, as it is far more than just a CC Cream.

This product retails at £32, I personally feel this is a fair price and definitely value for money.

Laura Mercier Translucent loose setting powder

A decent translucent setting powder is something I have been on the lookout for, for quite some time now.  I have combination skin that is more on the oily side, so finding a setting powder that works is so important especially if you want your makeup to last.

This setting powder is definitely the best I’ve tried and to be honest I can’t see myself ever changing it now. It certainly lives up to the expectation I had going in.  I would highly recommend it for anyone that needs to keep their makeup from sliding off their face or going patchy, it really does keep’s the oily skin at bay.

This product retails at £32.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

My eyebrows are naturally very fair and also very sparce from years of over plucking them.

Eyebrows frame the face and I feel really finish off the makeup look, so finding one that really works for you is important. I have tried quite a few pencils but Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow wiz definitely comes out on top, it’s really easy application and does a great job of filing in the gaps whilst still looking very natural. It also lasts a long time as the product doesn’t require lots of applications to fill those gaps!

This product retails at £23

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed my first Makeup review!

Q. Do you have any suggestions of makeup products that are great for oily/combination skin?

Q. What are your Favourite makeup products at the moment?

Q. Have you tried any of the products I’ve mentioned in this post? If so, what did you think?

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