Kindness is the key to happiness

Life is a journey that we all take but no ones journey is the same. All that you go through, see, hear, smell and touch is creating an opportunity to learn something. I am only just now in my 30’s realising what my biggest lesson is, only now can I see it and really understand that the lesson is kindness.

Anxiety and Depression have been the main contributing factors that have really helped me to understand and appreciate the importance, and sheer impact that kindness can have on a persons life.

I like many others have always been very quick to judge, to make an assumption about a person based on first impressions, after all they do say “first impressions count for a lot”. If you actually stop and think about it, how can it count for anything? It could potentially be based on a two minute encounter, on a freezing cold day when you’ve forgotten your coat, wouldn’t be great and actually not a true reflection of character or the person you truly are.

I have decided to scrap that theory, living with Anxiety and Depression has taught me that unless you truly know a person then you have no right to Judge. You don’t know their story, what they have had to go through to get to where they are. What seems small and insignificant to you or I could mean the absolute world them. The day I manage to take my daughters to the cinema on my own again will be a moment I will cherish forever because it will mean another hurdle I have managed to over come living with Anxiety. A simple task for most but for me a moment I will never forget.

Everyone’s journey is different and we all deal with things differently, being different is something we should celebrate, we shouldn’t be judging and criticising each other, instead embracing it and be a little more open minded.

I honestly believe kindness to be the key to happiness, a simple smile can make such a difference to a persons day. When you insult or criticise a person think about the impact that could have. That negative comment could be the one to tip the balance, you don’t know how many others have said those words before you.



Kindness should not just be for others, kindness to yourself is just as important, you need to learn to love yourself before you can truly love another. I never commend myself for the things I have done i constantly remain focused on the negatives, things I didn’t get done, what I couldn’t achieve. Constantly putting yourself down is just as damaging as someone else putting you down. Set the bar a little lower and make life more achievable. Be the answer to your own happiness and don’t forget to be kind, you will be surprised at the joy it will bring.

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