Isolation made me do it


Isolation made me colour my hair…………

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I would like to start this blog by sending love and prayers to all, in this incredibly scary time that we are currently living through. 

I would like to make it clear that these posts are in no way trying to make light of Covid 19 and the colossal and devastating impact it continues to have on so many lives.

Writing is something that helps me to get through the tough times and documenting the things I have been doing and experiencing through this time has been a huge help to maintaining a healthy state of mind.

The intention is to help others and hopefully create some happiness and positivity in these dark times if only for a moment.


Welcome to the first instalment of “Isolation made me do it!”

I have been very excited to start this new little series and hope that you are all just as excited to read them.  I intend to keep these blog’s upbeat and hope to bring a little joy to your Tuesdays.

So, let’s begin……… 

Quarantine means roots and grey hairs

Photo by Guilherme Petri on Unsplash

For a lot us we rely on the wonderful work of our hairdressers to keep our hair looking good, regular top ups to keep those pesky greys at bay…… (sounds like a terrible advert for hair dye but I promise it’s not). Unfortunately, at the moment most of us are rocking the overgrown, out of control hair and not forgetting the 4-inch roots. That is of course unless you are one of the people that have braved a trim from a member of your household. Hat’s off to you……. Or maybe if it didn’t go so well, put the hat back on and keep reminding yourself that it will grow back!

I definitely do not trust myself or my husband with a pair of scissors, so for me the hair will continue to grow until this is all over.

A change in me

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

Living a life through anxious eyes I have struggled to find the confidence or self-belief to try anything new or outside of my comfort zone.  I have always been too afraid of what other’s would think and how it may affect their opinion of me.

For some time now, I’ve thought about colouring my hair, a colour that is somewhat out of my comfort zone, something that really highlights my vibrant personality that unfortunately due to my anxiety doesn’t always get the opportunity to shine through.  It is only now that I am in isolation, I have suddenly gained the confidence to stop thinking about it and just do it. The fear of other’s opinions is diminished because I can’t leave the house and if it goes wrong there is plenty of time for me to fix it before anyone will need to see it. 

On the other hand if It turns out great and I love it, I won’t be so afraid for people to see it because I will have had so much time to look at and get used to it,  it will make leaving the house with a new hair colour a breeze.

Or at least that has been my thinking behind this idea.

The final reveal

So here it is the final reveal my hair is now officially and according to the box permanently……………

The final picture, that took 1000 re takes
The jokiest, sarcastic picture that I managed in just 1 take can you believe!

Yes, it is purple and I absolutely love it!

Life in quarantine proves a struggle but it did give me the confidence to colour my hair purple.

Thank you for joining me on the the first instalment of “isolation made me do it”, join me again next week for blog #2 of this mini series!

Share a smile not a judgement 


Lead with kindness


 Questions of the week?

Have you cut or coloured your own or a family members hair whilst in quarantine?

Is there a colour you’ve always wanted to colour your hair?

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