I just need time to re-grow

When I first saw this tree my initial thought was wow it looks a little crazy!!

When I have been at my lowest point’s with my depression I would and still always fear that I was going crazy. I hated that I didn’t feel in control of my own mind, because if I was I certainly I didn’t feel like I was.

Control is a major problem for me, loosing control or even just the fear of not being in control is one of my biggest triggers for anxiety. No one wants to be seen as crazy but in those moments it’s exactly what I felt, I felt like I had completely lost my mind an didn’t know why?

After a moment of really looking at the tree, what I actually came to realise was how extraordinarily beautiful it was, the beauty that is re-growth!
It’s not like any of the other trees surrounding it, they are already at full potential and covered in beautiful leaves.
This tree may not look like the others but it’s story will be just as great. It shows a story of struggle and hardship, but also of strength and determination. What could be more beautiful than that?

Going back to what I said at the start, at first glance, wow crazy looking tree, but actually that was the reason I was so drawn to it, because it was different, the whole reason I was so compelled to take the picture. What makes us different is what makes us great, we should all embrace our differences and our little bits of crazy because actually that’s what makes us who we are. I am exactly like the tree, because at one point I felt as though I was fully grown and then suddenly I am struck down by anxiety and depression and find myself having to re-grow and re-build myself again.

Having to re-grow shouldn’t be seen as a negative but as a huge positive, it highlights your strength, focus and determination but also the sheer impact of this will teach you many new lessons along the way, making you wiser and a lot stronger than you ever were before.

Before we stand and make judgement take a moment to really see the person and think about where there life may have taken them and how far the have come to get to this point.



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