Happiness and what makes us grateful

As you know I mostly write when I am sad, which makes it sound like I must always be miserable, but that’s honestly not the case anymore, as time moves forward and so I gain more and more control over my anxiety and depression I feel that I am able to write from a much happier place these days. Today I have decided that I want to talk about happiness and where I find it. I think a lot of people believe that in order to have happiness they need to own the biggest house or have the fastest car or go on the most expensive holidays, but that’s really not the case. I won’t lie I was probably one of those people before my anxiety and depression, I never thought I would find complete happiness because I didn’t have the money, but my perception has changed. Now the things that make me really happy are actually the things that wouldn’t have ever occurred to me before, the things that have been there for a long time. We spend so much time looking elsewhere when actually we all hold the key to our own happiness, it’s just realising it.

I also want to talk about all that I am grateful for, because when I sit and think about it there is so much. All too often when that mist comes down, we can’t always see it, so it’s good to remind ourselves every once in a while. I can’t speak for us all but I know that I am guilty of constantly focusing on the negatives in many situations. When it comes to giving advice to other’s I can quite easily point out the positives, but it is always so much harder when it is your own lives. What I actually need to do is take my own advice!!I have learnt and continue to learn to try and remind myself when I feel at my most fragile that it is just a blip and focus on the things that make me happy and grateful, however small or insignificant they may seem to others it doesn’t matter, what matters is that it means something to me.

I am going to share a few of the things that make me feel happy and I am great full for.

1. My children

2. My husband

3.  The family and friend’s I have

4. The roof over my head, clothes on my back and the food in my belly

5. Lazy weekends with my family

6. Early nights

7. I am grateful for today and how far I have come on my Journey so far

8. I am grateful for the lessons I have learnt through my journey of anxiety and depression

And there are many more I could add to that list.

I truly believe that once we learn to look at the positives in our lives however big or small they may seem then we are able to live much happier. Kindness is also a major part of being happy, learning to always go in to every situation with kindness and understanding first can really help you maintain a positive outlook. You have all the ingredients you need to find happiness in the palm of your hands.

I would really love for you all to share with me a few thing’s that you are grateful for in the comments section down below. It can be anything, there is no wrong or silly answer so please don’t be afraid to be honest. I would like to create a post for my Instagram page, a post that is filled with all the different things that make us happy and grateful. Then when you or anyone else visit’s my page they will be able to remind themselves of all these wonderful things that mean so much, and possibly help us to see other thing’s that we hadn’t thought about.

The dark days are only temporary and do not define us as people. Let’s put some smiles back on our faces and change our focus to the positives!!

#shareasmilenotajudgement. #leadwithkindness.

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