Getting better but feeling sad

Welcome back!

My mental Health Mini Update

My journey has been a bumpy one with many ups and even more downs but on the whole The Curative Hypnotherapy has been incredible and without those sessions and Keith the man behind it all I honestly can’t even begin to imagine where I would be, it certainly wouldn’t be where I am today!

Like many I have dealt with a lot of challenges and coming through the other side truly feels amazing, the things I have achieved just in the last couple of weeks my past self would have never believed possible! For the first time in I can’t tell you how long I finally feel excited for the future, which is incredible progress because only a year ago I struggled to feel excited for even just the next day.

Through the healing process I have really grown and evolved as a person, as a child growing up with low self-esteem, zero self-worth and no confidence these past insecurities have already began to fade away, leaving behind what I used to refer to as the “new me” but is in fact the me that always was but had just been hidden beneath or masked by the mental health struggles I carried around with me.

Healing and Grieving

Within the healing process what I didn’t expect or anticipate was the moments of grief and sadness I would feel for the life I could have had, had it not been for all my struggles. The opportunities and experiences I’d missed out on, not only me but the long list of things that my children had missed out on too. I began to realise how badly some people had failed me or let me down.

I think back to the child I was and it makes me sad to remember how negatively I saw myself and the way I would allow others to treat me, I feel immersed with the feelings of regret and such incredible sadness and only wish I could go back and give my 7 year old self a hug and to tell her you are beautiful, you are kind and you are worthy, stand your ground and don’t let the thoughts and opinions of others impact the way you see yourself, because the only opinion that matters is in fact the opinion you have of yourself, and you are truly amazing. Be confident in your abilities and don’t allow your decisions and choices moving forward to be dictated by those who do not support you or those that make you feel less than you are.

It almost broke me

I have learnt so many lessons along the way that despite this journey almost breaking me I wouldn’t change it because it has 100% moulded me into the person I am today. I have discovered and uncovered so much about who I am but more importantly who I want to be and what I want to accomplish in my life. It’s taught me that there are no limits to what you can overcome and achieve even when it feels like not only the world is against you but worse than that your own mind is fighting against you too.

I’ve learnt that with healing comes grief and that it is all a part of the process, and although I felt a lot of regret and sadness through that period, I am now in a place where I accept that what happened and the route my life took was exactly as it was meant to be. Without every single twist and turn I wouldn’t be the person I am with the knowledge and understanding I have today, more importantly I wouldn’t be able to live out my purpose.  

A gentle reminder we all need to hear

With healing comes grief,

Trust in your journey and believe in your own strength, worth and abilities. 

“There is only one you and that is your superpower”


Be kind 


Share a smile not a judgement


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