Finding happiness in the little things

Today when I woke, I opened up my laptop to write with absolutely no intention of this being the subject matter, in fact the original post that I started several days ago is still sitting un-finished on my desktop. I got a sudden surge of inspiration, which is quite honestly my favourite thing to happen, it is the time when I enjoy writing the most. The Content feels organic and the writing is all off the top of my head not planned out, just writing anything and everything I am thinking and feeling in that very moment…it just flows.

So, with that being said, hopefully this will be something you are interested to read.

I feel like growing up, over time, with the struggles we face and just life in general we can sometimes begin to lose parts of ourselves that we once really loved, not just in our personality but in that we stop doing a lot of the little things we really enjoyed to do as young adults or children.

Now this may sound so silly because of course a part of growing up is about maturing and changing, but the specific things I’m talking about are all things that I could actually still be doing as an adult…

Everyday life and just the responsibility of being an adult and a mum takes over and we suddenly forget to remember to take time to do what we love. I spend so much time trying to be the ‘’’best me I can be for others” that I’ve completely lost sight of what the best me looks like.

I love the life that my husband and I have created for our children, I have so many blessings and I am so unbelievably grateful, but for a long time I haven’t felt quite myself and not just because of the struggles I’ve had with my mental health but in the respect of losing myself a little and forgetting about the little things that make me happy.

I want to be able to look back and not just be proud of the things I accomplished and the hurdles I overcame but I want to be able to look back and know I was truly happy, always making time to do the things I really loved.

The little things I love

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Writing is something I do often with my blog but I want to start writing fiction again, not professionally but just for pleasure, I used to have such an incredible imagination as a child and I don’t think that’s something a person ever loses, I guess it’s just something you forget or stop using, I really want to tap into that side of my brain again.


So far this year I have read only 1 book which honestly makes me incredibly sad, don’t get me wrong I have tried to sit down and read other books, but for some reason unless I’m on holiday, I don’t feel like I’m able to sit still long enough, I get so distracted with adult stuff and the things that need to be done I just can’t focus… it is something I am going to work on as I am determined to change this!

Listening to music

Listening to music is only something I’ve stopped doing more recently, when my mental health was at its worst music was like a therapy for me, it really helped me through some of my hardest days. Don’t get me wrong I still listen to music the radio is on our house every day but as I’ve slowly started to feel better, I feel as though I’ve stopped enjoying music and don’t take the time to play music that really brings me joy… I love so many different types and genres.  For me Songs carry lots of feelings and memories. Music really does something to me it draws out so much emotion and happiness that I really want to get back to intentionally listening to music and seeking out the songs I love.

Playing the clarinet

I have always loved music and would love trying out different instruments as a little girl, like most I played the recorder in school, I also gave the guitar a go because for my entire life I have always wanted to be a “Rock Star” for my 16th Birthday I had an acoustic guitar and amp, never got very far with it though. But the one instrument that really stuck was the clarinet and if I am honest, I was pretty good at it, I absolutely loved it!  This is definitely something I am determined to start up again, hopefully I won’t have forgotten everything!


I’ve always thought of myself as quite a creative person, never been very good at drawing mind, but absolutely loved colouring! There’s something about it that I find very calming and therapeutic. I remember as a little girl sometimes on Sunday evening before bed we would all sit down and colour, and as basic as it may sound it is a favourite memory of mine, in those moments I just remember feeling so calm, relaxed and happy.

They really are all such simple things that can so easily be worked into my life that I am going to make it my mission to bring them all back.

You only get one life and if sitting down in front of the tele on a Sunday night with a colouring book and pencils makes you happy then you should absolutely do it, whatever it is make the time…that’s what I plan to do.

What things brought you joy as a child that you don’t do anymore but wished you did?


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