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If you are new to my blog site A Work in Progress then welcome, it’s great to have you!!  If you’re not new then thank you for your continued support through my blogging journey I truly appreciate you all old and new!

For those of you who are new and maybe don’t know anything about me, for the last year my focus when it comes to my writing has been all about my personal journey with my Mental Health, specifically Anxiety and Depression.  It was during my darkest days that I began writing, it started out more of a diary/journal, just a way for me to get out all my worries and anger in order for me to better deal with them.  I have always loved to write but up until that point I had lost the motivation to pick up my pen, nothing in life had given me any inspiration or the want to do so.

To cut a long story short after keeping my mental health diary to myself for many months I decided to share it in the form of a blog in the hope to help, inspire and reassure others that although struggling with a mental health illness, there is always hope and that’s its 100% possible to find that light at the end of the tunnel.

To read more go to the Mental Health section on my home page or take a look at the about me link.

Now that we are done with the introduction let’s get into the post.

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Most bloggers have their niche subjects that they focus on, something that they feel confident and comfortable talking about. My niche I thought when going in to blogging was Mental Health. But after a year of writing only on that subject I have decided that I would like to expand my horizons (cheesy I know, but I like it) and talk about other subjects, ones that allow you an insight into the person beneath the illness. I am not at all ashamed of the journey I’ve been on with my Mental Health and I am in no way giving up on the mental health blogs, in fact a new mini-series has just started this week on the subject of Curative Hypnotherapy feel free to check it out (shameless self- promo).  I just feel it’s very easy for people to be labelled or identified by their illness and not the the person beneath it. Yes, I have struggled terribly with Anxiety and Depression but those illnesses do not define me!

I am a wife, mum of 2 beautiful girls and a doggy mum to my gorgeous Dachshund Winston.

I love all things make up and skin care and have quite the collection when it comes to both.

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I am always trying new styles with my hair despite not being able to mange much more than a French braid.

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I love clothes and have thoroughly enjoyed and embraced all the new lounge wear that I have clearly needed to buy to get myself through quarantine. 

Photo by Lauren Richmond on Unsplash

There are so many other sides to me and my personality that I would really love to share with you, which is why I have created The Friday Blog.

Every Friday I will post a new post on anything I desire or ideas suggested by yourselves, subjects from hair and beauty to being a mum to both children and a dog the possibilities are endless!!

I have so many ideas for this blog and it’s giving me so much motivation that I can’t wait for you to learn a little more about Natalie.

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Thank you for your support and I can’t wait to take you all along on this new and exciting journey.

Share a smile not a judgement


Lead with kindness


Q. What subjects do love to read about the most? Skincare, hair care, family, book/film reviews, recipes and cooking or something else? Let me know in the comments.

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